One Word at a Time:

A Good Place to Start

We seek comfort, fulfillment, and success in all areas of life. Balance, harmony, peace of mind, fulfillment, friendship, companionship, affection, health and wellness, clear thoughts, security, and success are a few of our daily concerns. This is a limited list. Build you your own  list of topics. One thought, one word will do as a place to start. Record your insights and your reflections about what your word means to you personally. 

Contemplate with pen on paper.

You have the vast power of seeing the inner landscape of your mind. The exercise of introspective writing can help you access that landscaper. Choose one word a day, and stay focused upon that one word. Reach. Reach deep inside. Understand what your word means to you. Feel your feelings about each word. Now, reach a little deeper. Listen to your heart. Your inner voice will speak to you and through you. This is the voice of your soul. Listen to the wisdom of the words that wish to be heard. In these moments, all else is irrelevant. This is your private space, your sacred time. This is your sanctuary.

As you struggle to express your thoughts, trust that many words will follow. One word can startle a hundred memories. One word can have many meanings. It may require more than one session to cover just the one word, and in the process, new words may appear, which you can add to your list. You may never finish your list, and if you do, you can start over with a fresh perspective. If you open your notebook and cannot think of what to say, you always have your list to serve as a place to start your pen moving. 

Return to your musings and listen to the words that you have written. Read your words aloud, if you're so inclined. Listen to your words from the past spoken in the present, and you may be inspired to extend the measure of your insights. 

Remember, though, this just an exercise, a suggestion, not an assignment. if your thoughts do a 180, follow where they lead. If you feel the urge to visit the stars, then visit the stars.

"Heaven touches Earth at the horizon. You can see that far and far beyond that. Your vision extends in all directions, 360 degrees, above and below. Your power of sight is vast. Your inner vision extends beyond the reach of what your eyes can see. Perception is not limited to your senses."

Wes Thomas

"Writing for No Reason" is the heart of this website. My wish is to introduce this simple practice to help open a pathway to your personal insights and access your intuitive powers. To explore, click here


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