Wes Thomas


Symphony of Silence ​

A Legend of Our Future

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“This book is both esoteric and science fiction prophesy. The descriptions have a cadence and a flow rarely found outside of poetry. In fact, many parts ARE pure poetry, soothing to emotions searching for a quiet place to rest. The journey of evolution recorded unfolds from one reality into the next as the characters expand into knowingness and enfold the reader in the beauties of their search. What a treat to discover philosophy made not only palatable but beautiful. "

Lesley Hiller

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Paul Dee

“Want a scientific fiction allegorical tale of enlightenment. Give this story a try. Wes Thomas has done a wonderful job verbally playing with the mental game of aloneness and what an expansive mind can do when put in a state of self inflicted isolation. It is the path many of the great sage's have subjected themselves to on the way to enlightenment. This is a story of self inquiry and creating ones world. Enjoy the read."

Bill Fischer

“I am generally not a fan of science fiction, but found this entirely readable and even absorbing, the writing matched the gradual development of place and character in its clarity and simplicity as the characters were developed, i became more and more attached to their stories and eager to be with them the movement towards personal fulfillment was exciting and plausibly presented in many moments of emotional and spiritual illumination as i progressed through the book, i became ever more eager for the unfolding of the story lines and reluctant to stop reading i am delighted to have discovered the book and will be sharing it with others!"

Two Characters in their own voice


The emptiness of space is the emptiness of mind, and though seemingly empty, space is filled with wonder and possibilities. It is filled with light waves from billions of stars which can live virtually forever, crossing the universe, forming an endless web of light intersecting light, giving an orientation for the vessel that carries you. Dwelling within this web of light you are always aware of being somewhere, even here in the middle of nowhere.


I am called Jahalla, an ancient name from an ancient tribe, a secret name used only within the tribes. It’s the name spoken to awaken the Divine.

We are born of human love and dwell in human form, yet hidden deep within each of us sleeps something brilliant and mysterious waiting patiently to be discovered. Now that I am awake I wish to share the story of when I slept, and how I awoke to Jahalla.

Author: Wes Thomas

I have been artist, photographer, carpenter, father, husband, and a host of characters. I came to writing late in life, and now it is later. I started with Symphony of Silence, my first novel, which evolved over several years as I learned the craft. First, I wrote it for myself, then rewrote my Symphony (several times) for an audience. This started as a journey of self-exploration and I revealed my discoveries through my characters. Then my characters took on a life of their own and demanded sovereignty, wishing to share their visions and their wisdom. The only biographic sketches in the novel are those of a young boy’s vision of space, and his discovery of infinity. This vision has stayed always with me and has shaped my view of the universe.

Now that my journey into the future is complete, it’s time to return from the stars and to take a hike in the mountains on solid ground on a beautiful blue planet we call home.

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