Finding Inner Balance

Finding Balance

To find balance between a busy life and the stillness of your core being, learn to harness the power of your thoughts through introspection. “Writing Insight” is an action based meditation that helps focus your thoughts. To focus your power, align your purpose driven thoughts with your intention. To gain physical strength you must train your muscles. To gain mental strength, exercise your mind through writing, reading, and meditation. Also, seek out those who add to your knowledge, and avoid those who do not. Self-mastery requires discernment in both your thoughts and your actions. Choose your teachers well.

Precious Gifts 

Your time and your awareness are your true wealth. Do not squander them. They are precious gifts, and they belong to you. Thoughts are limitless. They expand to encompass the universe. Reality expands far beyond perceptions and beyond  knowledge, but as technology extends our reach further out into the unknown, the universe expand to encompass the expansion of our awareness. Give your imagination the freedom to wander and explore both the macrocosm and microcosm.

Through our insights, the universe expands inward. Here, knowledge and instincts conspire to explode our awareness and our wisdom. The only limits are the boundaries of our comfort zone. Awareness encompasses all knowledge, all insights, and all wisdom. They happen inside of us. They exist where our conscious mind meets the soul. 

I use the word soul, in part, to avoid using the term subconscious. First because the soul is a deeper source of insights than, what academics want to call, the subconscious. As I've expressed before, the unconscious and the subconscious are inseparable and whole. Second, the soul is our link to Spirit and the Divine. To truely know yourself is to know your soul, and to know your soul is to know the divine. The sacred and the profane are  also interconnected and inseparable aspects of your core being.

Where consciousness and instincts overlap is the home of your inner voice, and your inner wisdom. Through “Writing Insight”, the goal is to access these inner dimensions where your dreams live.

I use the practice of meditative writing to explore these inner dimensions and to reveal answers to questions I pose to myself. I allow my thoughts to meander freely, and trust they will guide me to a better understanding of myself. In expressing my feelings and insight on paper, I seek to discover the meanings beyond the words.

I hope this series serves as a good example of how you can apply this practice to expand your awareness.  The purpose of sharing my "Musings" is always to inspire you to explore your truth and discover your inner strength and find your personal pathway to insights.

​Wes Thomas             


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