Don’t Wait for Clarity

Don't wait to start writing until your thoughts are clear. Even a vague notion is a good place to start. In a thick fog nothing is clear, nothing take shape until you approach it closely. Our thoughts do not need to be clear to be pure in their meaning. As you write, your thoughts will clear, and they can grow in clarity, or they can stay intriguing and nebulous, like a half-remembered dream. This is one reason abstract art intrigues me. It can be whatever I wish to bring to it. Detailed paintings of nature scenes can be beautiful, but too often one glance tells all — no mystery no depth, boring decorations nailed to a wall.

Mystery is intriguing for its lack of clarity. The unseen and unknown are what keeps us captivated. In Writing for No Reason, let the mystery of what is to come guide your pen, and trust that those thoughts that wish to be known will be revealed.Be honest and authentic, be personal. Do not try to shape your thoughts to sound intelligent or profound. There is no one to impress, especially not yourself. Allow yourself to be surprised or even amazed by what begins to take shape. A  glimpse of a memory can evolve or morph into a story. Even the ramblings of seemingly unassociated thoughts can be a poetic expression of pure wisdom.

In this crowded world, the sanctuary of private time is too rare. Privacy is to be coveted, yet we can also fear loneliness, afraid to be alone with ourselves. Actually, we are always alone and we are never alone. We belong to the memories of everyone who remembers us, and we own the memories of everyone we know. It may require courage to start, but once you discover you are never alone, then the sense of adventure takes hold.

To be alone in nature is to be alone to appreciate better the beauty that fills our world. We appreciate the majesty of a single tree or the peaceful quiet of a forest. We marvel at the freedom of the clouds playing with the winds. We too can evaporate into nature, if only for a moment. I could writet for hours on this theme (or maybe you can). Nature is always an inspiration, always has been, always will be. Every element, every living being, and every pebble can be symbolic to our own being, a reflection of who we are. Let your mind wander across the page, explore and express the wonder and the beauty of who you are.

So where did I begin: “Do not wait until your thoughts are clear.” Pierce the veil of mists and discover what is hidden from view. The forest is filled with wonder and mystery, and maybe a fairy or two. The imagination is a wonderful realm meant to be explored. Be fascinated by The Forest of your mind. Marvel at the clouds of thoughts that float freely through the ether of your mind. Wonder at the mystery of who you are and who you can be. Imagine. You are so much more than your mind and your body. You are your thoughts, you are your soul.

Now, return to the first sentence of this page, and read through to this sentence, and, as you do, notice how one thought leads to the next. My intent is not to clarify my thoughts, but to explore and discover the magic.



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