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Wes Thomas

​A Legend of Our Future

In these few decades I haveI have been artist, photographer, carpenter, father, husband, and a host of characters. I came to writing late in life, and now it is later. I started withSymphony of Silence,my first novel, whichevolved over several years as I learned the craft. First, I wrote it for myself, then rewrote my Symphony (several times) for an audience. This started as a journey of self-exploration and I revealed my discoveries through my characters. Then my characters took on a life of their own and demanded sovereignty, wishing to share their visions and their wisdom. The only biographic sketches in the novel are those of a young boy’s vision of space, and his discovery of infinity. This vision has stayed always with me and has shaped my view of the universe.

Now that my journey into the future is complete, it’s time to return from the stars and to take a hike in the mountains on solid ground on a beautiful blue planet we call home.

Wes Thomas

Wes Thomas


Symphony of Silence​  /  A  Legend of Our Future

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