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Thoughtful Articles

Gathered From Around the Planet

“Honorable Harvest”: Lessons From an Indigenous Tradition of Giving Thanks
--by Robin Wall Kimmerer, syndicated from Yes Magazine, Apr 27, 2017 What if this holiday season we fill our shopping[...]
What Makes a Great Personal Story
Reflecting on his own improbable path into the Moth community, where storytellers tell true stories in front of a live audience and end up feeling like they have “walked through fire and been embraced and loved,” Gaiman considers what makes a great Moth story — which is ultimately a question of what it isin a human story that makes us real to one another through the act of its telling:
Agents of Sustainable Change
Radhanath's message is simple: by cultivating a genuine practice of service, we can become instruments of compassion and agents of sustainable change in the world.
Little Joys, Breaking the Trance of Busyness
BY MARIA POPOVA Hermann Hesse on Little Joys, Breaking the Trance of Busyness, and the Most Important Habit for Living[...]
Laura Riding’s Letters to an 8-Year-Old Girl About Being Oneself
Original article:  BY MARIA POPOVA “People who for some reason find it impossible to think about themselves, and so really[...]



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