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Three Blogs blended into One:

Musings  are focused primarily on consciousness and creativity. I call them Musings because they are not essays, and too personal to be called articles. They are not prose or poetry. Just my personal musings.

Insights are a collection of articles gathered from around the planet, with essays by artists, authors, scientists, performers and other talented souls with insights to share. Inspiration is the main criteria.  

Uplift is a blog of Videos & Articles to Inform, Challenge, and Stretch the Imagination. 

Writing For No Reason

Learn to write with an open heart and an open mind.  Be willing to follow wherever your thoughts may lead. Start with a single word or an idea. Trust me, you will be amazed where one word can lead , as you learn to trust that the next word will magically appear. 

"Writing for No Reason" is Writing fo the Right Reason. This simple exercise can help you access your intuitive powers and open a pathway  to  personal insights.

An Open Pathway to Creativity

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A Quote for Today

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.

- Brene Brown -

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